How to retouch photos from travel?
How to retouch photos from travel?
How to retouch photos from travel?

Take photos... And we will only add them a little shine

Selfmade photos from travel are bringing a lot of positive emotions for all of us. However, it often happens that the captured frame does not reflect the colors, places and emotions as we would like them to be remembered. Professional photo retouch will bring out hidden advantages from the image, often invisible at first glance, and will allow to correct imperfections. Even a seemingly simple, dark and uninteresting photo can be given on a new life after a series of carefully selected corrections.

The photography process is something more than just using good photographic equipment or a smartphone with a technologically advanced camera. It is the ability to set the right composition, lighting, and often also choosing the right moment to press the shutter. Photo retouching is now an inseparable element of a good photo, which affects the photo quality and allows memories to stay with us for a lifetime.

Professional photo editing

Professional photo editing involves a series of works aimed at improving the overall appearance of the image and includes among others: color correction, color changes, white balance, sharpness improvement, framing, geometry, optics, removal of unwanted objects or chromatic aberration, as well as many other activities. Appropriate color saturation, image sharpening or setting the white balance are only minor changes that significantly affect the final effect. Photo editing is more complex process than just applying some filters by using free programs founded in the internet. It is all about working with details, to ensure that the final result of photo retouch will not look artificial and will be pleasent to eyes.

nrich your memories and choose your Package today:
Video montage Photo retouch

Sample scope of VIDEO postproduction work:

  • Improved white balance and hues
  • Contrast improvement (blacks, whites, burns, shadows)
  • Color improvement (color temperature, saturation, brightness)
  • Improved focus
  • Noise reduction
  • Dehaze
  • Improved framing (geometry, optics, aberration)
  • Basic face correction
  • Removal of unwanted objects
  • Climate change of the photo and much more...


Photography is not just about places. It is primarily about moments and emotions. Discover, learn, have fun... And we will take care of your photo correction.

Photo retouching? Submit 1 photo of your choice for a FREE trial with no obligations. We leave it up to you to evaluate the final results.


You choose any package based on your own expectations and the amount of material.

You don't have to improve your entire collection. You can select only the photos that are mostly important for you.


You can send your materials directly to our cloud drive or by file transfer link.

After placing your order, you will receive a special link to upload files. Alternatively, send the materials by the post.


After receiving the payment and completing a short preference survey, we will start working.

We approach each photo individually to obtain the best possible visual effects.


We wish everyone a beautiful travel adventures and carefree vacation that will last for a lifetime. Realize your dreams and keep your memories.

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FAQ How to take photos on vacation?

  • Resolution: 16-20 Mpix
  • Nowadays, it is not worth taking photos below 12Mpix, because the captured image will be saved in our camera in very low quality, which will limit the possibilities of using the photo in postproducion process.

  • 16-20Mpix is the optimal value, which is completely sufficient to obtain sharp and clear photos, satisfactory both on the mobile screen and in standard prints for home use. Same range provides good quality with relatively small file size.

  • What about 200Mpix? That's even better! Perfect for night photos (reduces noise) or when you want to print your photos in a format larger than for a photo album. Unfortunately, high resolution has one significant drawback... the file size can be several times larger than the optimal resolution. In case of a longer trip, be sure to check whether you have enough space for data on your device and a sufficiently large storage unit at home. Over the years of traveling, you will accumulate a lot of it :)

  • Format: 16:9 or 4:3

  • In 4:3 format we are usually able to set the highest matrix resolution. Personally, we recommend the 4:3 format, although in this matter it all depends on individual preferences.
  • Format 16:9 looks best on smartphones and TV screens because the image is presented entirety without cropping. The frame is then more oblong.

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  • Photo retouch in short, means correcting photographs using advanced digital tools, thanks to which we are able to improve details and remove undesirable objects that disturb the aesthetics.

  • This is a time-consuming process and requires at least basic knowledge in the field of photography and many years of trials and errors.

  • The basic postproduction work with editing photo includes improving the color by setting the white balance and shades, contrast (blacks, whites, burns, shadows) and color temperature, saturation and brightness.

  • If you lack time or knowledge in postproduction of photos after returning from your trip, just choose one of our packages... And we will take care of the rest.

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  • Of course. However, the field of action is limited due to noise (image distortions), which reduces the quality of the photo.

  • To get rid of this undesirable effect, a noise reduction method is used when processing photos, which reduces the "snow effect" at the expense of sharpness. Therefore, you need to ensure the right balance between both parameters so that the photo retains its aesthetic value.

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  • Two golden pieces of advice:
  • 1. Choose the equipment you have at hand…
    Time always passes too quickly when traveling. We often change locations and do not have enough time to settle down in one place, set up the equipment, select the appropriate parameters but the frames and moments pass by very quickly.
  • Sometimes it is better to capture an event even in unfavorable lighting or from a moving vehicle than to hope that a similar opportunity will occur again in the future.
  • 2. Take photos with equipment you feel confident with
  • Advanced mirrorless cameras can often make you feel dizzy, and it takes a lot of time to get to know the capabilities of your own equipment. Sometimes the "Auto" mode is not such a bad solution, but... isn't it worth taking equipment that we know how to use and feel confident with, and which does not require us to set parameters for several minutes?

  • Travel - this is your time to discover, experience and learn. We strongly encourage you to experiment with your own equipment and develop your own skills.

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  • Every year modern mobile phones are equipped with more and more powerful cameras with intuitive and automated operation, as well as a wide selection of lenses: main, front, wide-angle, telephoto (zoom)

  • The big advantage of using smartphones in photography is primarily their small size and availability "always at hand"..

  • Mobile phones are relatively discreet, so they attract less unwanted attention than large and expensive mirrorless cameras with long and heavy lenses.

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  • It is a MUST DO. Of course, sensibly and not necessarily in every frame :) Thanks to magnification, we gain greater possibilities of positioning the frame without having to change our own position. In addition, we are able to perform the so-called "Discreet photos", without interrupting the work or rituals of the photographed people. Remember that everyone has the right to privacy.

  • Optical or digital zoom? We always use optical zoom because only then we obtain a sharp and lossless image. Digital zoom causes a significant loss of quality, which makes subsequent use of the photos very limited at higher magnifications.

  • Tip: In photo mode, do not use two fingers to zoom in (as you usually do when viewing photos in a gallery), because this uses digital zoom. Select the optical zoom that your smartphone supports by clicking the magnification option displayed on the screen: 2x, 5x, 10x. Only then will you discover the magic.

  • Be sure to check the parameters of your phone to use better the capabilities of the lenses. Zoom in your surroundings... And you will surely discover the charms of the world from a new perspective.

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  • We strongly encourage. If you are not convinced whether our offer is for you, you can always send 1 photo for free photo retouching.

  • Even if you don't decide on one of our packages now... it doesn't matter :) Treat the photo as a non-binding gift from Bring Back Memories.

  • Implementation time: up to 3 dni workdays. Materials should be sent to:

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