Travel videos - postproduction and montage
Travel videos - postproduction and montage
Travel videos - postproduction and montage

Record... And we will take care of the montage

Every journey is unique. It is an exciting time to learn about cultures, experience adventures and discover new places. Start recording travel videos even with your mobile, and with our help you will be able to return to your most beautiful memories whenever you want. It's simpler than you think. Use our short tips "How to record travel videos" to start your filming adventure. All you need to do is just pressing the "Record" function for a few seconds while taking the next shot... And we will edit your travel or vacation film.

Professional video editing

Professional video editing consists of a series of postproduction works aimed at assembling individual recordings from various sources into one harmonious and pleasant to watch movie . This is a time-consuming process which requires appropriate knowledge in video processing. It is often a matter of working on details so that each individual fragment creates one common story.

Video montage involves among other things, adjusting each shot through appropriate cropping, color enhancement, speeding up or slowing down the recording, applying visual effects, etc. Effective transitions will give travel videos greater dynamics. A properly selected soundtrack with sound effects stimulates the senses, enhances emotions and evokes memories.

Enrich your memories and choose your Package today:
Video montage Photo retouch

Sample scope of VIDEO postproduction work:

  • Montage your shots from different devices on one timeline
  • Creating individual introduction to the film (Intro)
  • Matching recorded shots by appropriate cropping
  • Improved framing of recordings
  • Speeding up or slowing down individual fragments of recordings
  • Noise reduction
  • Image Stabilization
  • Applying visual effects to selected clips
  • Dynamic transitions
  • Color correction (contrast, white balance, hues, saturation, etc.)
  • Synchronizing audio tracks to video recordings
  • Enhancing ambient sounds from the video (depending on the selected package)
  • Sound effects (depending on the selected package)
  • Visualization of the travel route (depending on the selected package)
  • and many others...


You record your materials with any equipment: phone, camera, Go-Pro, drone.

Are you just taking photos? Try to film the same frame as the photo and the end results will surely surprise you. This is how you will gather the material.


Photography is not just about places. It is primarily about moments and emotions.

Photo retouching? Submit 1 photo of your choice for a FREE trial with no obligations. We leave it up to you to evaluate the final results.


You choose any package based on your expectations and the amount of material.

How do you like to watch? Dynamic films for several minutes or do you prefer to sit back on the couch and let the images carry you to longer memories?


You can send your materials directly to our cloud drive or by traditional methods.

After placing your order, you will receive a special link to upload files. Alternatively, send the materials by transfer link, courier or parcel locker.


After receiving the payment and completing a short survey of your preferences, we will start working.

The link to the survey will be sent automatically after placing the order. The survey will help us better meet your expectations.


After completing the assembly phase, you will receive a link to the preview, where you will be able to submit your comments.

Correction may include, among others: changing the soundtrack, cutting out a certain shot, shortening or lengthening the film (additional 1 minute = PLN 50)


Your video is ready. We respect your privacy, so you decide whether we can include it in your portfolio.

After completing the assembly work, we will send you an individual link to download your film, and you can use it as you wish.


We wish everyone a beautiful travel adventures and carefree vacation that will last for a lifetime.

-5% on your second order
-10% for each subsequent order

How to record vacation videos

Free material intended for travel enthusiasts who want to start their adventure with filming their vacations and journeys.
We respect your privacy. You decide what type of film you want to order:
  • Private - only for you. We do not publish the film in our portfolio or social media.
  • Promotional - we can re-edit some projects into a shorter film for promotional purposes, without presenting image of the participants, and then we place it into our portfolio and social media.
  • Channel development - we publish the same video you received from us in our portfolio and social media.

FAQ How to record videos on vacation?

  • Resolution 4K, 2,7K, 1080p
  • The higher the resolution, the better. Most modern cameras and mobiles offer the ability to record 4K images as standard. What is more, movies recorded in 4K look much more impressive on the big screen and please the viewers eyes.
  • Number of frames per second: 30, 60
  • A higher number of frames per second means better image smoothness. Particular differences are visible for objects in motion.
  • Image format: 16:9
  • The most universal recording format, and at the same time providing the most possibilities in postproduction.
    For more mini-tips, visit our channels and social media profiles
    Only in HORIZONTAL. Shots recorded this way look best on the big screen and present the richest frame. Short vertical films are dedicated to social media.
    For more mini-tips, visit our channels and social media profiles
  • First of all, the movement of your equipment must be varied. Otherwise, the shots become monotonous despite the variability of the frame. Avoid recording from the same angle. Experiment, and we are sure you will get better each time. Below we are presenting few simple moves for beginner filmmakers:
  • down - up
  • up - down
  • from left to right
  • from right to left
  • static in standing positions
  • static in the lower position - from ground level

  • This is absolutely enough for us to give your materials the appropriate dynamics at this stage of movie montage.

  • For more mini-tips, visit our channels and social media profiles
  • First, check your hardware settings. The latest models always have image stabilization functions. Get to know your equipment.
  • Keep your equipment steady
  • Don't change directions instantly
  • Do not make sudden movements with the camera - the recording will be blurry and unstable
  • Avoid moving quickly - it is better to stop for 3 seconds than to record a shot on the run

  • Moreover, from our side of video postproduction a software stabilization will be applied where the work requires it.

  • For more mini-tips, visit our channels and social media profiles
    You do not have to do anything. We do not require a declaration of participation in the program or signing consents. We only verify your order history. Orders with a loyalty discount should be submitted directly by e-mail or telephone.