Travel video montage - Travel film
Travel video montage - Travel film

Who are we?

Just like you, we are the travel lovers of both close and more exotic trips. At first, we only dealt with photography, constantly improving new photo-taking and processing techniques. However, after some time we realized that something was missing to treat each trip as fully compleated. The turning point came in 2016 in Thailand. While taking subsequent frames from the "Lost in Bangkok" series, in addition to the "Shoot" button, the temptation to "Record" appeared. This is how our adventure with travel video montage has began.

Magical travel videos

We, our friends and family were delighted being able to experience moments from the farthest corners of the world together, at least through a few-minute vacation film. But for us every travel film is something more. It is the return to wonderful episodes from our life: feelings, adventures and places we visited during these many years of travelling. Those are our memories.

Today, working on film video montage and photo retouch gives us a lot of pleasure. You are their author. We only add a bit of shine to your film and photographic productions.

Start your filming adventure

Bring Back Memories specializes in professional editing of travel films and holiday photo processing from the materials that you provide - recorded with cameras, phones or drones. To start your adventure with filmmaking, you do not need to have outstanding skills or complete film or photography courses. Remember that you are doing this for yourself. All you need to do, is like we did, start your adventure with filming by pressing the symbolic "Record" button. Believe in yourself. We are convinced, that with our little help your next trip will soon be even more successful.

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Bring Back Memories - so that beautiful memories will stay with us for a lifetime.


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If you have lack of time or sufficient knowledge on the subject video montage or vacation photo retouch do not worry. We will make your vacation videos and photos a great souvenir and a perfect summary of your trip.

Make your dreams come true.

Discover new places, learn about exotic cultures.

Record and take photos, we will take care of editing your magical memories.

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